Colored Water

Basic  Watercolor Techniques: A Guide from Scratch

Want to learn to draw with light?

Grab the runaway glare and climb into deep shadows?

Manage the color overflows and create whole worlds from almost nothing?


Then this is the book for you.

Guide includes an overview of materials and practical lessons.

Practicle Exirsises:

Lesson 01: Basic Watercolor Techniques

Lesson 02: Simple Still Life with Watercolors

Lesson 03: Single-Layer Watercolor

Lesson 04: Multilayer Painting

Lesson 05: Special Effects. Part One

Lesson 06: Special Effects. Part Two

Lesson 07: Negative Space in Watercolor

Lesson 08: Holidays in the Caribbean

Lesson 09: White on White

Lesson 10: Just One Color

Of course, throughout the book, Michael will share his personal tips - namely, personal experience and secrets that make his lessons and master classes so popular.

Hardcover, 148 pages, art paper. 

ISBN 978-164786483-5

Only $39 USD
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