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The best way to learn watercolor is with ready-made, well-organized lesson blocks, divided by topic.



Each block is balanced and consists of separate lessons.

But the most important thing that makes Michael workshops and courses so popular is the personal experience of the master. Masters rarely share their secrets and personal techniques as generously as Michael does.


RATE:  Excellent

— Keith Shafer

The washout portion itself was worth the cost of the Right Start Package.

Great course Michael!

The Urban Sketching Package

A complete Urban Sketching Course that includes three lessons. Gradually, you will master all the main strategies and methods for creating cityscapes. Included lessons:

Urban Sketching, part 1: Light as the Main Tool (62 minutes)

Urban Sketching, part 2: Cars and People  (40 minutes)

Urban Sketching, part 3: Сomplex Final Project (51 minutes)

Total Video Duration: 153 minutes

Video Quality: Full HD 1920x1080

Price: $60 USD

The Ultimate Clouds Course

A complete cloud course that includes three lessons. Gradually, you will master all the basic techniques and methods for creating realistic clouds. Included lessons:

#7 The Clouds, part 1  (30 minutes)

#8 The Clouds, part 2  (32 minutes)

#9 The Sunset  (46 minutes)


But the most interesting part is tips and tricks from the master.

Video Duration: 108 minutes

Video Quality: Full HD 1920x1080

Price: $60 USD 

The Seascape Package

Included two Seascape courses: 


Part One: We will analyze what colors we need and why. You will see how to create 4 different types of waves and what techniques are used for this.


After this course, you will know everything that is necessary for the independent creation of a sea landscape. Everything except the methodology and building a plan for the future project - we will talk about this in the next lesson. (45 minutes)


In the Seascape Course Part Two, we will combine all our knowledge and create a stormy seascape. We will talk about composition and how to minimize the number of colors that we use. (63 minutes)

Video Duration: 148 minutes

Video Quality: Full HD 1920x1080

Price: $50 USD

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