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For everyone who is familiar with the basic skills of working with watercolor - it is your chance to take it to a new level! Those courses offer a properly structured, easy-to-follow study of watercolor.

But the most important thing that makes Michael workshops and courses so popular is the personal experience of the master. Masters rarely share their secrets and personal techniques as generously as Michael does.

All material is presented in a simple form that facilitates the gradual ascent of the stairway to watercolor mastery.


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— Keith Shafer

The washout portion itself was worth the cost of the Right Start Package.

Great course Michael!

The Clouds, Part One

The clouds and the sky always occupy a significant part of any landscape. It doesn’t matter what you create: a cityscape, mountains, an ocean - the sky is what sets the mood.


In this tutorial, Michael will share some tips on how to easily create compelling and realistic clouds using two different approaches.


As usual, you will find many tips from the personal experience of the master.

Video Duration: 30 minutes

Video Quality: Full HD 1920x1080

Price: $26 USD (around €24 EURO)

The Clouds, Part Two

The cloud course continues! Using the skills and techniques from the first part, we will learn a new technique for creating complex realistic clouds. This time the task is to control what we are doing as much as possible. The described technique is well-suited to watercolor artworks, where great attention should be paid to the sky and clouds, as they perform the main emotional work.


But the most interesting part is tips and tricks from the master.

Video Duration: 32 minutes

Video Quality: Full HD 1920x1080

Price: $26 USD (around €24 EURO)

Sunset: The Clouds, Part Three

Sunset, like sunrise, is one of the most amazing objects for art and the subject of dreams of every watercolor artist. How to choose colors for a sunset? What is the principle of building a project? You will learn about all of it in this lesson. And of course you would learn tips and secrets from the master.

Video Duration: 46 minutes

Video Quality: Full HD 1920x1080

Price: $29 USD (around €26 EURO)

The Seascape, Part One

Most video tutorials are built on step-by-step picture creation. But here you will find something completely different. Here we talk about the what and  the how of the creative process.

This is the first part of a seascape lesson. We will analyze what colors we need and why. You will see how to create four different types of waves and what techniques are used for this.


After this course, you will know everything that is necessary for the independent creation of a seascape. Everything, except the methodology and building a plan for the future project - we will talk about these in the next lesson.

Video Duration: 45 minutes

Video Quality: Full HD 1920x1080

Price: $26 USD (around €24 EURO)

The Seascape, Part Two

In the Seascape Course, Part Two, we will combine all our knowledge and create a stormy seascape. We will talk about composition and ways to minimize the number of colors that we use.

And most importantly, a project building strategy.

The course includes several photographs for independent practice.

Video Duration: 1:03

Video Quality: Full HD 1920x1080

Price: $29 USD (around €26 EURO)

The Urban Sketching, Part One

The cityscape is one of the most interesting genres in watercolor painting. After all, this is exactly what surrounds us. With all the many details – windows, buildings, cars, road signs, people – how can one not get confused in so many makes and elements? In this lesson, we will figure it out.

This is the first lesson in a course that consists of three video tutorials. If you want to learn my understanding of the urban landscape - please start with this lesson.

Video Duration: 1:02

Video Quality: Full HD 1920x1080

Price: $26 USD (around €22 EURO)

The Urban Sketching, Part Two

The fundamental and universal question of the urban landscape is the following: How to insert people and cars into cityscapes? And how to do it with ease? Believe me, this is possible, and I know the ultimate secret. I will even gladly share it with you. In fact, everything is easy - you just need to reduce a complex problem to a simple one.

I am sure that after this tutorial you will be able to draw any number of people and cars in your watercolors without any problems.

Video Duration: 40 min

Video Quality: Full HD 1920x1080

Price: $26 USD (around €22 EURO)

The Urban Sketching, Part Three

In this lesson, we will combine everything we've learned so far. The light, the simple expression of space, and the rules for constructing a cityscape. We will also put cars and people in our watercolor. Disclaimer – if you haven't watched the two previous video tutorials on the cityscape, stop right now and complete the exercises for the first two lessons. Trust me, it is important to get ready for this lesson.

Today we visit Montreal – the city where I live and work. As usual, I will reveal my personal tips and secrets in this tutorial.


Video Duration: 51 min

Video Quality: Full HD 1920x1080

Price: $26 USD (around €22 EURO)

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