Step by Step Competition

Cityscape, Loose Style: Bordeaux
Step by Step Competition


We go to sunny Bordeaux to try to transfer our cityscape to watercolor paper. Yes, yes, we will absolutely not try to paint houses or windows, but we will try to recreate the "music" in watercolors. It is not easy to explain, and much easier to show. You yourself will feel it as soon as you take up the brush. And yes! Even the brushes we need are not quite familiar...


I am proud to present our jury:

Keiko Tanabe

Nicolas Lopes

It is a huge honor for me that they have joined the project.

To participate in the competition:
1. Purchase the Step by Step Course 10: Cityscape, Loose Style
2. Following the course, complete the painting and send us your submissions via the special form on the course page


Deadline for the submission of your watercolors for the competition - February 17.

Announcements of the results and awards for the winners - February 21

The prizes will be announced separately.


Nicolas Lopes


Keiko Tanabe