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Welcome to the next level!

For everyone who is familiar with the basic skills of working with watercolor - it is your chance to take it to a new level! Those courses offer a properly structured, easy-to-follow study of watercolor.

But the most important thing that makes Michael workshops and courses so popular is the personal experience of the master. Masters rarely share their secrets and personal techniques as generously as Michael does.

All material is presented in a simple form that facilitates the gradual ascent of the stairway to watercolor mastery.


RATE:  Excellent

— Keith Shafer

The washout portion itself was worth the cost of the Right Start Package.

Great course Michael!

Human Sketching Course 1, Fundamental Rules

I recommend that you start learning about watercolor portraits with this tutorial. Here we will talk about the ground rules that we almost always use.


Where to start when building a head in space? What is the logic to follow when choosing colors and what stages should you split the project into? Michael will, of course, share his own experience and tips - after all, this is what makes his courses so popular.

Video Duration: 57 min

Video Quality: Full HD 1920x1080

Price: $28 USD

Human Sketching Course 2, Choice of Color and Mix

In this lesson we will talk about colors. We will go through basic principles of color matching and rules for working with light and shadow. 


We will analyze:

- the simplest color mix for sketching

- what colors are good for painting black skin and features of color mixtures

- selection of paints for painting white skin of children


And of course, it will all come with personal advice from the master.

Video Duration: 61 min

Video Quality: Full HD 1920x1080

Price: $28 USD

Human Sketching Course 3, Step by Step Portrait

We will learn the fundamentals of the constructive head drawing. We are going to figure out which tools to use to capture complex head angles. I will demonstrate simple ways to express a complex shape in space and show what to look for in order to make a competent construction.

It is a step-by-step project. Where to start? How to structure the work correctly?

Together, incrementally, we will make a complex detailed portrait project together.

Video Duration: 69 min

Video Quality: Full HD 1920x1080

Price: $28 USD

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