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Model in the Studio, Pt. 1

The peculiarities of working with a model in the studio are primarily due to soft and diffused light, which is very different from the sunlight on the street. In this course, we'll cover the basic rules for working with a model. We will pay particular attention to mixing colors to get the right skin tone.

Model in the Studio, Pt. 2

To work with a figure in full growth, we will use a new technique - something between the traditional style and painting wet on wet. We will focus specifically on the use of negative space and composition.

Model in the Studio, Pt. 3

I will introduce you to the project construction technique that I use most often – step-by-step and layer-by-layer image construction, using both dry brush technique and soft transitions. This is the most complex course on working with a model in the studio.

The Colors. Part Two

We continue to study colors.
How to build your own palette?
What mixes can be obtained using a limited set of colors?
In this lesson, you will find what watercolorists usually do not want to share - personal secrets for the selection and mixing of colors, and the most valuable thing any master can share - his own experience.

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