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We live in the times when it is uncertain when traveling will again be possible.

So, why not travel by art?

Do you want to see your photo made into a watercolor?

Now you will have such an opportunity.

I am launching a call for photo submissions that you can send to this email:

I will randomly choose a few submissions and make them into watercolors I will publish as YouTube videos or pictures!


A few rules:

  • The photo must be made by yourself. Submissions of the photos from the other people or search engines will not be considered. The photos can be in any genre – portrait, landscape, cityscape, seascape, etc.

  • By submitting the photo, you agree that it can be used to create a watercolor.

  • The completed watercolors still belong to me, but you can potentially purchase them. The authors of the photos will get a 25% discount on the paintings.

  • The choice of photos from the submissions will be done randomly.

  • In your submission, please clearly note whether and how you want to be mentioned if your photo submission is selected. Ex: John Johnson from Toronto, Canada.

So let’s travel around the world with watercolor!