The Michael's Full Ultimate Sketching Set.



  • Genuine Leather Sketching Case - a unique handmade product made specifically for Eco-Palette and a A5 size sketchbook. Inside there are holders for 7 brushes or pencils of different diameters and one Tombow eraser. Also, there is a separate pocket for business cards and a storage compartment for paper
  • Travel Eco-Palette. Handmade from eco-friendly bamboo, it is good to store nine colors. For more information, visit
  • A5 size Saunders Waterford Watercolor Sketchbook: 100% cotton, 36 pages.
  • Solo White Travel Brush
  • Mono White Eraser TOMBOW
  • Mono Black Eraser TOMBOW
  • Original Steel Mechanical Pencil

  • Needle-tip Rollerball Pen

  • Travel Water Cup



Rough brown genuine leather will serve you for many years.
This package is all you need in one travel set!


Dimensions (folded): 23 x 31 x 6 cm (9,5 x 12,5 x 2,5 inches)

Dimensions (open): 37 x 24 cm (17,5 x 9,5 inches)

Weight:1110 grams (2.45 lbs)


Packing Size: 29 x 22 x 5 cm
Weight: 950 grams

Ultimate Sketching Set

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