Step by Step Competition

Nocturne, Rome, Italy
Step by Step Competition, July-September 2022

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To participate in the competition:
1. Purchase the course: Nocturne, Rome, Italy.
2. Submit your completed watercolor using the submission form on the course page.

Submission deadline: September 26.
Results will be announced on September 30.
Prizes will be revealed separately.

Nocturne, or night landscape, is one of the most difficult challenges for a watercolor artist. And the most interesting one, too. In this course, we will go to Rome at night, and we will analyze the strategy and plan for building a night landscape step by step. Of course, you can apply the same rules to any nocturne... But the main thing is to make your watercolor not as a rigid and regimented project, but as a light jazz improvisation.

I am proud to present our jury:

Olga Kharchenko (Ukraine)

An outstanding watercolor Master from Ukraine, a virtuoso of nocturnal cityscape.

Jan Min (Netherlands)

Dutch watercolor artist, Master Member, IWS World, co-founder, IWS Holland, and Daniel Smith Brand Ambassador.