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Short Instructions for Dryer


  • Connect the cable to the USB-C port.

  • It is designed to not fully enter the dryer.

  • The green charging light will start blinking, will stop blinking when charging in complete (about 2.5 hours for full charge).

dryer step 1.jpg

Starting the Dryer and Setting the Power Level

  • To start the dryer, press the big button in the middle of the bottom and HOLD it for 3 seconds.

  • Now you can change the power level. Pressing shortly on the same button lets you choose between 3 power levels, 1 light - minimal power, 2 lights - medium power, 3 lights - maximum power.

  • Press on the same big button again for 3 seconds to turn the fan off.

dryer step 2.jpg

Drying and Using the Light

  • Now that you chose the desired power level, time to start drying! Press and hold the button in the middle of the handle and HOLD it for 3 seconds for the fan to start circulating air.

  • To stop the fan, press on the same button again, shortly.

  • To start the light, press the small button at the base.

  • To turn off the light, press the same button again.

dryer step 3.jpg
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