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Michael Solovyev's Workshops in Geneva, Switzerland 2024


A unique opportunity to spend more than a week together in Switzerland!
Two workshops with different topics. You can choose one of them or join both.

Four-Day Landscape Workshop: 9-12 June 2024

We will begin working in the studio to become familiar with specific watercolor techniques and methods. We'll work step-by-step through a variety of landscape themes, learning the rules of project building, color mixtures, and technical tricks. We will spend the last day in the plein air, applying on location everything that we have previously learned in the studio. These days in Switzerland will be truly unforgettable!

The workshop will be conducted over 4 days, from 10AM to 5PM with a lunch break. Cost of the 4-day course is 720 USD.

Four-Day Portrait & Figure Workshop: 13-17 June 2024

The first two days of work in the studio are devoted to the basics of constructing a watercolor portrait, the rules of mixing colors and the basics of composition. We will learn how to create expressive and emotional portraits using simple techniques and a minimal set of colors. June 15th is a day off that you can spend exploring the unforgettable landscapes of Switzerland.

On June 16 and 17 we will continue to work in the studio, concentrating on figures. We'll explore ways to convey movement and end with detailed work with the ballerina.

The workshop will be conducted over 4 days, from 10AM to 5PM with a lunch break. Cost of the 4-day course is 720 USD.


Two-Course Package

You can purchase the two courses together at a reduced price of 1200 USD!

Both workshops will take place in the studio at 30 rue des Voisins, Geneva, Switzerland. Here are the hotel recommendations:
Hotel St. Gervais

Hotel NH Geneva Airport


The price of the course includes only training in the studio and in the plein air. The price does not include accommodation, meals, flights, and transportation. The cost of the course will be refunded in full in case of cancellation at the initiative of the organizers. In case of cancellation of a course at the initiative of the student, 70% of the cost is refunded if the cancellation is made 30 days before the start of the course. In case of cancellation a month or earlier, the cost of the course is not refundable.

For any questions, you can contact Michael Solovyev, using the "Contact Us" form on this website.

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